Selling The Destination

On several occasions I've been asked to capture "location" images.  Something to help sell the destination.  In this case, I was asked by my client to capture images around the city of Las Vegas.  As anyone who's stepped foot in Vegas realizes, it can easily become a photographers candy-bowl.  Whether you're shooting architecture, people, journalism, weddings, editorial, stock;  it's all there for the taking.

Since we hadn't secured a license to photograph inside the casinos, the sidewalks made a great public space for setting up a tripod.  This action alone could still land one a fine or two, depending on the police officer's mood that night.  However, we decided if we were approached by Vegas's Finest, we'd play dumb tourists.  Luckily, we were not hassled.

Funny, you can photograph anything with a camera strapped around your neck but once you have an assistant and a tripod, you become a threat.

The great thing about these types of assignments is that the client benefits greatly by having access to stock photography that's already licensed specifically to them.  It also gives me an opportunity to venture out and be creative in a foreign city.  The opportunity to add to my stock photography base for future use and sale is always a pleasure.