I Shoot People In The Face With A Canon...

...A Canon camera, that is.
(shot recently in Charleston, South Carolina)

For me, it means being able to offer my clients the best images in any area of photography. I am confident I can provide a great product, and my work speaks for itself. Having the ability to shoot both architecture and lifestyle is a great advantage for hotel, resort and real estate clients.

And they are two aspects of photography at which I can confidently say I'm very good.

To all clients and potential clients:

Yes, I'll shoot your architectural needs or your lifestyle models, but keep in mind that being able to combine those shoots into one package, have it done well and delivered on time not only saves you headaches, it's cost effective (and who isn't concerned about cost these days?)

Plus, I've recently started to shoot HD video for clients as well. More on this topic later. It's all about being able to adapt. Isn't that Darwin?