Wedding Photographer?

What do you get when you take a seasoned architectural photographer out of his element and place him in the world of wedding photography?  I'm not quite sure, but everything turned out amazing!  I've been trying on my photography hat in different arenas lately.  Professional wedding photographer is the latest.

Last week I had the opportunity of creating some great images on a very special day for Anne-Marie and Ryan.  They were both incredibly easy and fun to work for and they gave me free reign to shoot in any way I wanted.  When does that ever happen?  

Thankfully, more and more wedding photography is steering away from the stiff, contrived and overly composed.  It's becoming much more documentary and editorial in feel.  Something I truly appreciate.  The way I see it, why not shoot a wedding this way?  After all, it's a day of celebration and should be documented as such.

So, anyone need a wedding photographer?



Mobile to Mobile

I can officially say that something has come full-circle in my photography career.  During college and for part of my 'Senior Project', I photographed mobile homes.  That is, I photographed the very front-ends of them and arranged them in a grid form, much like Bernd & Hilla Becher.  The idea sort of took on a life of it's own.  To begin with, I was shooting with a Hasselblad, which has a square format.  The subjects themselves were square and the grouping on the wall when hung for gallery space was also square.  Another strange thing (pointed out to me when I finished the project) is the fact that the total number of images was 81.  All arranged in a square grid.  9 across.  9 down.  It's the number 9 that apparently has numerological significance (I'll leave the reader to research).

Last Spring while on location for a client in Virginia, I was asked to photograph a mobile home.  Truthfully, it's actually a camper.  Close enough.  I figured I had genuine experience shooting this subject so I was rather excited by the challenge.  So, pulling from both the artistic and advertising sides of my brain I came up with the above shot.  It was photographed pre-dawn, it was very cold outside and I had to use my rental Buick as a prop.  The moon in the shot was not planned.  Just a gift.