Mobile to Mobile

I can officially say that something has come full-circle in my photography career.  During college and for part of my 'Senior Project', I photographed mobile homes.  That is, I photographed the very front-ends of them and arranged them in a grid form, much like Bernd & Hilla Becher.  The idea sort of took on a life of it's own.  To begin with, I was shooting with a Hasselblad, which has a square format.  The subjects themselves were square and the grouping on the wall when hung for gallery space was also square.  Another strange thing (pointed out to me when I finished the project) is the fact that the total number of images was 81.  All arranged in a square grid.  9 across.  9 down.  It's the number 9 that apparently has numerological significance (I'll leave the reader to research).

Last Spring while on location for a client in Virginia, I was asked to photograph a mobile home.  Truthfully, it's actually a camper.  Close enough.  I figured I had genuine experience shooting this subject so I was rather excited by the challenge.  So, pulling from both the artistic and advertising sides of my brain I came up with the above shot.  It was photographed pre-dawn, it was very cold outside and I had to use my rental Buick as a prop.  The moon in the shot was not planned.  Just a gift.

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