Eden...Roc on!

Re-emerging from its mid-50's splendor, the Eden Roc Beach Resort and Spa has recently re-opened after an 18 month, $200 million renovation and expansion.

Eden Roc is easily one of the most iconic resorts in Miami Beach. It was designed in 1956 by renowned architect, Morris Lapidus (who also designed the famous Fountainbleau next door). Many episodes of "I Love Lucy" were shot here. You can also envision Sinatra and the rest of the Rat-Pack stumbling down the corridors balancing a glass of scotch, 50 years before.

If these walls could talk...

I was happy to see that most of the renovation was a simple face-lift (besides the new tower addition), and kept the soul of Lapidus' design intact. The Baroque Revival design Lapidus was known for is most evident in the lobby, with the rosewood columns and eccentric floating ceiling to which they connect (pictured above).

If only every project I photograph could be this inspiring at 4:30am...

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